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A couple of years ago, I found my autistic child locked in a small cold cement cell at his school. The cell had no windows, no furniture, and was slate gray with low lighting. The cell was also sound proofed so parents and teachers outside wouldn’t hear him crying. I am writing this blog as a campaign to change the way these children are perceived and treated in our society.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

#5 101 Ways a Teacher Could Help a Child with Autism

These suggestions are to help the teacher with autistic children in their classroom.

Category: Before the Child’s first day in the classroom

Suggestion #5:  Make a morning routine for the child.
When planning the autistic child’s day, or any other activity for the child, take into consideration the traits that many autistic children have.  Remember that many autistic children like routines and have difficulty with transitioning.  Imagine yourself having those same qualities and what you would need when going into a school environment.  When the child is coming into school in the morning, this could be a difficult time for them because of the transition. Try to make a morning routine for them so that they always know what they are supposed to do when they first arrive.  This will help ease some of the stress caused by the transition.

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