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A couple of years ago, I found my autistic child locked in a small cold cement cell at his school. The cell had no windows, no furniture, and was slate gray with low lighting. The cell was also sound proofed so parents and teachers outside wouldn’t hear him crying. I am writing this blog as a campaign to change the way these children are perceived and treated in our society.

Monday, July 25, 2011

#12 101 Ways a Teacher Could Help a Child with Autism

Category: Before the Child’s first day in the classroom

Suggestion #12:  Show the child their morning routine.
During the meeting in Suggestion #9, walk the child through the morning routine that you have created for them in Suggestion #5.  Exp: Coming into school, setting your back pack there below your desk, getting out your pencil, sharpening your pencil, sitting in your seat.  Ask the parents what they think of the routine.  Ask the child if they have any questions.  Remember, the morning routine should be relaxing for the child after transitioning off of the bus.  Because autistic children have difficulty communicating with others, they often find comfort in knowing exactly what they need to do and this routine will calm them.  However, if the routine includes any less preferred activities, simply knowing what they need to do will not help.  Based on the feedback from the parents and child, alter the morning routine if necessary.

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