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A couple of years ago, I found my autistic child locked in a small cold cement cell at his school. The cell had no windows, no furniture, and was slate gray with low lighting. The cell was also sound proofed so parents and teachers outside wouldn’t hear him crying. I am writing this blog as a campaign to change the way these children are perceived and treated in our society.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Temple Grandin Movie

I watched the Temple Grandin movie with my son last night and really enjoyed it!  My mother has been telling me how good it was, and last night I finally watched it.  My son really liked it as well, and it was an opportunity to discuss some things with him about his behavior ... I think it is also good for him to see someone with autism succeed.  Clair Danes did an excellent job of portraying some of the difficulties that autistic people face ... showing at the same time how hard it was for Temple, but also how she overcame the difficulties that she faced.  My child, who is thirteen, understands his autism, and I believe the movie was encouraging for him -- if you have not yet seen this, I highly recommend!  :o)

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