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A couple of years ago, I found my autistic child locked in a small cold cement cell at his school. The cell had no windows, no furniture, and was slate gray with low lighting. The cell was also sound proofed so parents and teachers outside wouldn’t hear him crying. I am writing this blog as a campaign to change the way these children are perceived and treated in our society.

Friday, September 23, 2011

#23 101 Ways a Teacher Could Help a Child with Autism

Category:  General guidelines when dealing with autistic children

Suggestion #23:  If the child is showing sign of being upset, allow them time to calm down.
Autistic children may become over stimulated and overwhelmed.  Essentially, their mind needs time to process and they may need more time than you would think to process whatever it is that is upsetting them.
It will be so much easier for them to handle, if you slow down the stimulus as soon as you notice them becoming agitated.  Asking them a lot of questions is not the way to lower their stimulus.  Instead, try to remove them away from any loud noises and sensory input before they are at a breaking point.

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