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A couple of years ago, I found my autistic child locked in a small cold cement cell at his school. The cell had no windows, no furniture, and was slate gray with low lighting. The cell was also sound proofed so parents and teachers outside wouldn’t hear him crying. I am writing this blog as a campaign to change the way these children are perceived and treated in our society.

Monday, August 1, 2011

#16 101 Ways a Teacher Could Help a Child with Autism

Category: Before the Child’s first day in the classroom

Suggestion #16:  Create a list of guidelines for the adults who will come in contact with the child

Based on the guidance you have received from the school psychologist and other information that you have gathered on the child, create a list of simple rules that those interacting with the child would want to know.  Although the bus monitor and your teacher’s assistant may have ample experience dealing with special needs children, they may not be aware of some of the unique requirements of an autistic child. 

I will be posting some general guidelines for dealing with autistic children.  Please read them over, have your school psychologist review them, and add or make notes appropriately.

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